up close and personal

I want to live in a world where art is valued, meetings are emails, and compassion is abundant.

I speak arabic

It’s been a while since I’ve had much practice with it, but it did come in handy when I was able to edit 2 interviews without having to get a translation done first. Being able to understand the words rather than just read the meaning greatly helped add nuance to the edit, which was quite sensitive in nature.

My favorite project

To this day, my favorite project remains the very first video edit that I was exclusively responsible for. I worked feverishly to put together a mini-documentary in 24 hours. I was on site when the clients previewed it. Grown men were brought to tears.

The weirdest one

The most unusual interview I ever filmed was for a Russian television station similar to the Discovery Channel. It started out normal, and fascinating, then took a hard turn towards aliens.

My camera roll

Personal photos and video are almost exclusively of my pets. Pretty much nothing but my 2 pit bulls sleeping. You can tell what season they were taken by whether or not the cat is curled up with them. They’re so angelic when they’re asleep.